Taxi LED Car Top Light Screen Use Analysis

LED Car Top Light is with the rapid development of LED display and independent of a set of LED car display system, Changchun taxi light advertising and ordinary door screen, fixed non-moving LED display compared to its stability, Anti-interference, anti-vibration, dust and other aspects of doing better.

1. Car Top Light High brightness, adaptability, all-weather play. Using ultra-high brightness LED, the sun is still clearly visible under long distance. From south to north, from east to west, cold and dry wet and dry environment are adapted.

2.Car Top Light Simple operation, easy to use. Whether it is a computer, or mobile phone, change the information, play video is very convenient.

3. Car Top Light Mobile media, spread stronger, wider coverage, better results. Relative to other LED display, the car LED has been in motion. Advertising information can be played with the car at any time on the road, than the fixed advertising platform to spread stronger, covering a larger area.

4. Car Top Light Modular design, reliable performance, easy maintenance. Display, control, power separately design, self-contained modules, more stable, easy maintenance.